Fines Schedule

Violations Schedule:

Improper Registration $105.00
Display Plates of Another $155.00
No Operators License $180.00
Expired License (6 mo. or less) $130.00
No Operators License on Person $105.00
FT Stop @ Stop Sign or Signal $80.00
FT Wear Seat Belt $10.00
No Child Restraint $130.00
Defective Equipment $80.00
FT Maintain Lane $80.00
No Insurance $180.00
Speeding: 1-10 over $90.00
11 - 15 over $115.00
21 - 25 over $165.00
26 over - Must Appear <<<

**Anyone involved in a traffic accident must appear in Court**

This schedule is to be prominently displayed at Cassville City Court Offices. Defendants may waive their right to appear and enter a plea of guilty to the above traffic violations and speeding charges by signing the back of the ticket, mailing the ticket with the correct fine & cost payable to the Municipal Court of Cassville, 300 Main Street, Cassville, MO 65625; defendants may also enter a plea of guilty and pay the Viola

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