Parks & Recreation

Cassville boasts several public recreation facilities including a modern family aquatic center, ball fields, picnic areas, children’s play areas, tennis and basketball courts and a Greenway Trail.


South Park & Family Aquatic Center


501 Sale Barn Road (Map)
Call the Cassville Y.M.C.A at 417-846-1535
Call the Aquatic Center at 847-8741

Cassville’s Aquatic Center is a 200,000 gallon family-friendly playground in partnership with the Cassville Y.M.C.A every summer between Memorial Day and closes around the second weekend in August (The Aquatic Center closes when school starts). Over 7,000 square feet of water recreation with two water slides, water fountains, zero-depth entry access, individual hanging and shower areas, a vending and concession area. Open to the public for a fee.

Other South Park facilities:
• Two Play Areas – one for small children donated by the Cassville Rotary Club
• Three Girls’ Softball Fields
• Six Soccer Fields
• Access to the Greenway Trail

City Greenway Trail


The Greenway Trail is a scenic, 2.9-mile trail for hiking and biking, with picnic facilities provided. The trail extends from Rocky Edmonson Park on the northern end to the City’s South Aquatic Park and Reenactment Field on the south. Enjoy beautiful scenery along the trail and access to many of the city’s recreational amenities. The trail follows the gentle flowing clear waters of Flat Creek. Parking with trail access is available:
• Rocky Edmonson Park at the trail’s north end: 13th Street and Wildwood Drive
• City Park & Ball Fields: 7th Street, east of Mill Street
• City Aquatic Park & Ball Fields on the southern end of the trail: off Sale Barn Road

City Park & Playing Ball Fields

601 City Park Road (Map)

• Six Ball Fields: one Babe Ruth/adult softball field, three Little League fields and two Tee ball fields
• Three children’s play areas
• Two Tennis Courts
• Two Basketball Courts
• One Pickelball Court

Park - Aquatic - play area
Park - Aquatic - Softball fields
Park - City - 7th St play area
Park - City - B ball and play area
Park - City - play area shows swings
Park - City - play area
Park - City - Tennis
Park - City - V ball
Park - Rocky Edmondson
Park - Rocky Edmonson - picnic
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